Here is my issue.

When building VxWorks libraries for a particular target (platform ) we currently allow people to choose to build either:

- Full Dinkum C++ support libraries with exceptions

- Embedded Dinkum C++ support libraries without exception handling, (which also updates the include path with an embedded subset of STL headers)


So I can’t just flip a build switch like the test suite wants me to and link against an alternate library for a few tests.


I also expect the Embedded C++ dialect will not work with most of boost.

( I’m not a fan of EC++, it’s just something we support because one of our competitors does)   


Is this testing for completeness?

Or is using boost without exceptions a common use case?


Currently in boost 1.59 there 4 tests using this configuration 1 in each of config, core, exception and regex.


Brian Kuhl

Wind River