Wouldn't this be something better implemented by a post-build script, rather than boost-build?

On 26 April 2016 at 12:54, Edward Diener <eldiener@tropicsoft.com> wrote:
It turns out that there is no guarantee when using doxygen that the order of the files generated in the XML doc is the same as the order of the sources which an end-user specifies for doxygen to scan. Although it often works out that the two orders are the same, it is possible they are not. The VMD documentation shows an instance where they are not the same, nor have I found out from doxygen anything about why the orders might be different.

This means that when using the doxygen rule in Boost build and I specify the sources in the order I would like to see the files appear in the reference section of the documentation, there is no guarantee that they will appear in that order in the reference. For doxygen itself, when generating HTML output, the generated order does not matter since doxygen shows the files generated in a directory tree where the files in any given directory in that tree are in alphabetical order.

Can something be done in Boost Build to change the xml file generated by doxygen so that the file entries are either in the order specified as input sources or in some sort of alphabetic order ? I find it disappointing that the order of files for my VMD documentation's reference section is so confusing for the end-user, even when I specified the sources in the order in which I wanted the files in the reference section to appear.

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