On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 1:42 PM, Stephen Kelly <hello@steveire.com> wrote:
Raffi Enficiaud wrote:

> This is indeed going nowhere, at least for me. Your initial message was
> posted almost 6 months ago and no replies until mine, I let the
> conclusions on your side.

Yes, and thanks again for your interest. The silence in the last 6 months
led me to already believe that no one in the boost community (at least the
people who tend to steer the ship) knows enough about cmake to understand
config files, so I gave up long before you responded :).

I'm just waiting for someone to come along who does understand the benefits,
and then...

I should say.. That I'm generally interested is seeing Boost and B2 "integration" efforts advance. But since I personally don't care to use cmake, and don't have the time to expend in use & learn it, I can't really help on this front. I also believe your suggested approach is the most beneficial over all to our end users.

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