On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 8:42 AM, Stefan Seefeld <stefan@seefeld.name> wrote:
Hi Rene,

On 18.10.2016 22:38, Rene Rivera wrote:
> Did not work.. https://circleci.com/gh/boostorg/boost/1991

I see that https://circleci.com/gh/boostorg/boost/1994 displays "fixed",
so I assume my last commit indeed fixed it.
hasn't been updated, though. Any idea when that may happen ?

Don't know what schedule that runs in. But you can download the built archives yourself and check to see if the docs are present <https://sourceforge.net/projects/boost/files/boost/snapshots/>.

I also notice that
doesn't yet display the numpy tests. That may be either because no
testing was done after my push last night, or because NumPy isn't yet
part of the prerequisites, so the NumPy build / tests are skipped. Is
there anything else I can do to help to resolve this ?

If you click on one of the column headers (on the toolset name).. It will list all the commits each module was tested at. Check that a given one is after the commit you expect it to work. And if it should work but nothing is showing up, you either need to post the testing list about it, or contact the maintainer of that test machine for further debugging.

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