On Tuesday, October 18, 2016, Stefan Seefeld <stefan@seefeld.name> wrote:
On 18.10.2016 10:28, Klemens Morgenstern wrote:
> I'd provide both C++ and Python extensions, otherwise I do agree. I'll
> see if I can come up wiht a way to build a plugin-system that may
> understand more than one language, but with one interface; if that
> works providing more than one language for extensions shouldn't be a
> problem at all.

I'd caution against that. A build system consisting of plugins written
in many different languages is just begging for trouble for maintenance.

After some thought for the past week.. I agree. Multiple languages at the plugin level would make it a nightmare for users to know what they need as far a requirements. But I think it would be OK to write Python plugins that make use of native (i.e. C/C++) library/module. As in that case the compilation of that ends up in the module install instead of being up to BB to try and compile and use on the fly.