I’m still working on running the boost test suite though b2 with VxWorks cross compiler and running into issues where  specific tests are calling GCC with C+11 flags (-std=c++0x or -std=c++11 ).

In a normal OS the toolchain would respond by selecting the correct GCC STL include paths.


But the VxWorks build system is set up for either the Dinkum C++03 or C++11 include path and the corresponding compiler settings independent of the toolchain.

So when a test does this:


        [ run test_has_template.cpp : : :





          <define>BOOST_PP_VARIADICS=1 :

          test_has_template_v ]


I get C++03 headers with C++11 compiler settings.  


Is there any “top down” way of skipping these tests when I’m using the C++03 STL?




Brian Kuhl

Wind River