I want to cross compile context, coroutine, filesystem, and system libraries of boost for
windows 32-bit (running on Intel Atom E3845) on my ubuntu 64-bit.

To do that, I create a user-config.jam file in my homedirecotry and put the following:
using gcc : mingw : i686-w64-mingw32-g++ : <compileflags>-m32 <linkflags>-m32 ;

then, I would like to run following command:
b2 --with-context --with-coroutine --with-system --with-filesystem --prefix=/home/jagdish/COMMELEC/prerequisits/real_boost_installation_dir/ toolset=gcc-mingw target-os=windows variant=release link=static address-model=32 runtime-link=static threading=multi architecture=x86 instruction-set=x86 abi=ms install

is it good? Specifically, the options architecture, instruction-set, address-model?

thanks in advance for your help.