The documentation on the website at is pretty badly out of date, how do we get it updated? 

As near as I can tell, this corresponds to when the last independent release of the boost build tool happened in Oct 2014:

As an outsider to the boost build community, I'm not sure how the process works here, can someone point me towards it? 

It appears that we don't do releases with each version of boost, however, we do ship a new version with each boost release (whatever was on master when the release dropped)? Is that correct?

Finally, the documentation in the releases seems broken. Starting from D:\local\boost_1_63_0\index.html and clicking the "Tools" link, then the "Boost.Build" link takes us to the boost build landing page at D:\local\boost_1_63_0\tools\build\index.html. This page and the tutorial at D:\local\boost_1_63_0\tools\build\tutorial.html are fine. However, trying to get to the documentation at D:\local\boost_1_63_0\tools\build\doc\html\index.html fails because the tools\build\doc\html directory is not built in the released version! 
The content I was expecting to see here *is* built at D:\local\boost_1_63_0\doc\html\bbv2.html with the su D:\local\boost_1_63_0\doc\html\bbv2\, but I couldn't find a way to get to that from the top-level index.html. It seems that one has to start in D:\local\boost_1_63_0\doc\html\index.html to see that version. This might be a problem with the release process vs. boost build, as it seems that the released libraries all have their doc/html generated.