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Ok, looking at the features of Sphinx more closely now.. Since there are
various people here knowledgeable about Sphinx.

First question: Does Sphinx support PDF output *without* going through
another output tool (i.e. not through docbook or latex)?

I believe not: they claim to generate Latex. But being able to generate Latex is more than enough for the PDF output, isn't it?

I don't know Latex (even though I edited some latex some decades ago) so all I can go by is what others claim it does.

What is your point?

My point is that if that's the only option for PDF it's similar to quickbook in that it needs another tool to be installed. Having to install and correctly set up external tools raises the barrier to producing the good looking PDF docs. Something we are all too familiar with docbook. For example, I've tried two or three times over the past decade to get PDF output working for docbook without success.

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