One of the most requested feature from Boost users is having a "modular" distribution. I'm happy to announce that there are now modular packages available when using the Conan package manager from the Bincrafters team <>[1]. Using the packages requires no prior setup other than the Conan tool. Immediately available are all 130 libraries from the 1.64.0 release. And in a few days we will follow up with the same for the 1.65.1 release. For help using the packages you can bug the Bincrafters team <>[3] in the #conan channel <>[4].

Conan is a C/C++ (and more) package manager that supports an open ended set of build system and tool integrations including: VisualStudio, Xcode, CLion, Ninja, QMake, Premake, and yes even CMake <>[2].

[1] <>
[2] <>
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[4] <>

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