Thanks for your comment.  After reading through the information on the boost site I am not sure how to "auto-link" except to choose the path in the IDE.
Is there something within boost that I need to do to activate this?


From: John Maddock via Boost-build <>
To: David Bergman via Boost-build <>
Cc: John Maddock <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2017 1:33 PM
Subject: Re: [Boost-build] Missing libs?

On 15/11/2017 14:38, David Bergman via Boost-build wrote:
> I recently posted about getting the boost libraries to build.  This
> issue is solved but I've run into another.
> I'm trying to use gnuplot, and gnuplot-iostream to develop a GUI for
> simulation s/w and the gp-iostream uses boost::iostream.
> A simple example pulled form the gp-io site gives link errors, 7
> unresolved externals.  An example of one is,
> error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall
> boost::iostreams::file_descriptor::close(void)"
> (?close@file_descriptor@iostreams@boost@@QAEXXZ) referenced in
> function "public: static void __cdecl
> boost::iostreams::detail::close_impl<struct
> boost::iostreams::closable_tag>::close<class
> boost::iostreams::file_descriptor_sink>(class
> boost::iostreams::file_descriptor_sink &,int)"
> (??$close@Vfile_descriptor_sink@iostreams@boost@@@?$close_impl@Uclosable_tag@iostreams@boost@@@detail@iostreams@boost@@SAXAAVfile_descriptor_sink@23@H@Z)
> In the past with other libraries, similar errors were fixable
> (ensuring correct path is set in the IDE, #includes are in correct
> order, etc).  I'm using VS 2017 and the "intellisense" isn't showing
> any issues.  I have added paths for includes and linker libraries the
> same way I've done in the past with other libs and they've worked.
> I'm reaching out to the boost community to see if anyone has had this
> issue with a similar combination of libraries.

Here's a question: are you using Boost's auto-linking feature?  I
suspect not, and that this is the cause of your issues.


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