On 07.12.2017 08:32, Christian Henning wrote:
Here is another idea plus explanation for the weird behavior:


I see ! Thanks, that's really helpful to know.

I'm not really a big fan of powershell. Is there an image on appveyor which has git bash or similar installed? If not, would it be hard to install bash before the installation?

Why this complexity ? The answer you are referring above suggests a rather simple solution: move the config-generating logic into a .cmd file and execute that.
Much simpler and efficient than installing yet another package on each run !
And it works: :-)


(That being said, I see no reason to change what's already working now: Steven's suggestion to use <include> and <library-path> directly when invoking `b2`. But it's certainly useful to keep in mind if ever we need a more complex config file in the future.)


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