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>>> You can peruse the result here <https://grafikrobot.github.io/b2doc/>.

- Where is the source?  I've about reached the limit of
  what I have to say about the generated html.

It's in the "feature/new-doc-format" branch <https://github.com/boostorg/build/tree/feature/new-doc-format>.
- Quite a lot of links are dead.  (It seems like only links to
  a section are active.)

Hmm.. I'll have to figure out how to find and revive missing links.
- The translation is somewhat out-dated vs. develop.

I made some catch up changes yesterday. And I have one more to do in that regard (the relevant feature doc addition).
- There's no syntax highlighting for Jam.

Was that syntax highlighting manual before? We could certainly work on adding support for syntax coloring for that component. But that would be separate work as it's an off-the-shelf syntax coloring module it uses (which you can configure to use different ones).
>> - Navigation is really annoying because there is only a single
>>   global TOC which is restricted to a depth of two levels.
> Switched it the side-bar TOC and made it three levels. Makes it a bit
> better I think. What do you think?

  Yeah, that's better, though I have to say that
the section numbers in the TOC for "History" just
look weird, since you have to look closely to see
where the section id ends and the version # starts.

Yea, they do.. Perhaps just renaming those heading to "Version X.Y.X" would help. 

> Actually.. I don't remember.. I may have done that :-) It's been a while
> since I did the initial translation to remember accurately. But I suspect
> the reason I probably did not was to keep the same set of files (i.e.
> one-to-one xml-to-adoc).

  Depending on how much fixing up you had to do, it might
be easier to just split the final output manually.

I didn't have to do much fixing. Mostly some regex search-replace for some things. Most of the time was reading the doc carefully to ensure everything was there. Although it took a long calendar time.. In reality it only took less than a week of actual work as I had lots of other things in between, including holidays and vacation :-)

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