My tester ("Debian-Sid") stopped working December 22. It now fails with the following error. Any idea what it means? Or where to start looking?


/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Boost-Testing-master-64/workspace/boost_bb/src/build/feature.jam:779: in expand-composites from module feature

error: explicitly-specified values of non-free feature <threading> conflict

error: existing values: multi single

error: value from expanding <threading>single : single

/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Boost-Testing-master-64/workspace/boost_bb/src/build/feature.jam:864: in feature.expand from module feature

/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Boost-Testing-master-64/workspace/boost_bb/src/build/property-set.jam:159: in class@property-set.expand from module object(property-set)@293159

/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Boost-Testing-master-64/workspace/boost_bb/src/build/targets.jam:900: in targets.apply-default-build from module targets


[ ... ]


/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Boost-Testing-master-64/workspace/boost_bb/src/kernel/bootstrap.jam:139: in boost-build from module

/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Boost-Testing-master-64/workspace/boost_root/boost-build.jam:17: in module scope from module


The content of boost_root/boost-build.jam is:


# Copyright (C) 2002-2003 David Abrahams.
# Copyright (C) 2002-2003 Vladimir Prus.
# Copyright (C) 2003,2007 Rene Rivera.
# Use, modification and distribution are subject to the
# Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying file
# LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at http://www.boost.org/LICENSE_1_0.txt)

#   This is the initial file loaded by Boost Jam when run from any Boost library
# folder. It allows us to choose which Boost Build installation to use for
# building Boost libraries. Unless explicitly selected using a command-line
# option, the version included with the Boost library distribution is used (as
# opposed to any other Boost Build version installed on the user's sytem).

BOOST_ROOT = $(.boost-build-file:D) ;
BOOST_BUILD = [ MATCH --boost-build=(.*) : $(ARGV) ] ;
BOOST_BUILD ?= tools/build/src ;
boost-build $(BOOST_BUILD) ;

I've attached the full bjam.log. The build proceeds as follows:


wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/boostorg/regression/develop/testing/src/run.py


export HOME=`pwd`

echo 'using mpi ;' > site-config.jam


python run.py --runner=Debian-Sid --bjam-options=-j4 --toolsets=gcc --tag=master