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>>>   It's independent of the rewrite,
>>> but it's something that I want to be implemented before
>>> this goes live.
>> Sure. I'll go research what options we have on that. In an ideal world we
>> could augment the default one it uses and push that upsream. As that way a
>> bunch of other web contexts would get jam coloring.
> OK, looked at the coloring.. Did the easiest attempt first. I implemented a
> jam language coloring for highlight.js. And used that as the coloring for
> the doc. And I did a partial tagging of the docs with the "[source,jam]"
> attribute. Please take a look at the updated docs.

It doesn't seem like it quite works:

Hmm.. Not valid Jam code hence the problems. But I can probably make that work anyway. Best I could do with a few hours of work :-)
- The highlighting of keywords and rulenames seems
  be interfering with each other somehow.
- The comment/keyword/rule colors seem to be the same.

If you are referring to "rule" being red in the link above.. That's a parsing problem because those rules do have a body. And the parser definition I created assumed legal Jam code. 

Note: I can send you my emacs mode, which has the highlighting
mostly correct, if that would help. 

Wouldn't help since it's been ages since I look at emacs code (and I no longer use it). 
I'm also willing to
port one of my existing highlighters myself if you can point
me to the system I need to implement.

All I can do is point you to the docs about highlighters. Specifically which ones it currently supports <http://asciidoctor.org/docs/user-manual/#available-source-highlighters>. I'm assuming to implement your own you'd either have to extend one of those existing ones (like I did). Or write Ruby code to extend asciidoctor.
Also, I dislike javascript based highlighting on principle.

I've become a pragmatist for this. I'd rather see something that requires less of my time and is more widely used than worry about which language it's implemented in. And whether it runs at conversion time or in the browser.

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