I'm sorry if this mail is sent to the wrong place - I'm not entirely sure where to report issues with the test report generation on the boost.org website.

I'm observing a bug in the test report matrix, where a test failure report links to the wrong output page:

Specifically, I'm looking at http://www.boost.org/development/tests/develop/developer/output/teeks99-09-b-win2016-64on64-boost-bin-v2-libs-python-test-builtin_converters-test-msvc-9-0-dbg-adrs-mdl-64-thrd-mlt.html, which reports a failure in a `builtin_converters` test. The only "content" under the title is a reference to another page: http://www.boost.org/development/tests/develop/output/teeks99-09-b-win2016-64on64-boost-bin-v2-libs-python-test-msvc-9-0-dbg-adrs-mdl-64-thrd-mlt.html, which contains output of two commands ("compile" and "link"), but to a different test: `map_indexing_suite`.

Needless to say, `builtin_converters` and `map_indexing_suite` have nothing to do with each other.

What logic does generate the test report, and where should I report this bug ?



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