Hi Boost.Build team,

Is there a preferred mechanism for communicating about Boost.Build?  Both this list and GitHub  have important and unique traffic.  It would be nice to know where to post first so things don't fall through the cracks.  I find that the mailing list is very effective at handling user questions but is getting harder to access since the GMANE archive is pretty much dead (except for NNTP, which is what I generally use) and the archive at https://lists.boost.org/boost-build/ doesn't seem to show up very high in web searches, at least for me.  I really like the GitHub issues and pull requests for proposing changes and features to Boost.Build, but it's not clear that it should be used for user questions.  Is that something the Boost.Build team supports.  What about Trac?  Is that pretty much dead for Boost.Build?

There is some good, though probably outdated, information at https://github.com/boostorg/build/blob/develop/CONTRIBUTING.rst.  Could we could decide on some updated guidelines on what the project would prefer and update / refine that documentation to reflect the best practices?  It might be a good time for this given the work being done on moving this more towards an independent project.  I really like that direction.