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TL;TR: A rant

I've been looking for documentation about purpose of command

b2 headers

Greping for headers or modular inside  /tools/build/doc and
/doc gives me nothing, so I blindly assume the unsearchable
https://www.boost.org/build/ does not explain it either.

You could search here instead <https://grafikrobot.github.io/b2doc/>. 

The magic of https://www.google.com/search?q="b2+headers"
brought this page to my attention:
where, to my surprise, I find one of best intro to the concept
of modular Boost including very helpful explanation of the virtual
/boost directory and role of b2 headers command.

Why this kind of information is presented in docs for somewhat
exotic to Boost (end)users command, I have no idea.
But, as long-time Boost.Build users, I dare to judge this is an
excellent example of why people hate this awesome build system :)

"b2 headers" is an entirely Boost C++ Libraries specific construct and other than using b2 has nothing to do with b2 itself. The same applies to all the rest of that documentation you just pointed out :-) And hence why it's not in the b2 documentation. Hence what you are actually saying is that people hate the Boost C++ Libraries setup and not b2. And I don't blame them.. I don't like it either ;-) Which is why I've been working to put as much distance between Boost C++ Libraries and b2.

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