On 06.05.2018 20:14, Steven Watanabe via Boost-build wrote:

On 05/06/2018 02:48 PM, Stefan Seefeld via Boost-build wrote:
I'm trying to define a new pre-built library to be used as third-party
dependency for a Boost project.

I'm trying to mimic the code from `zlib.jam`, but when I then use `using
clblas ;` in my project's Jamfile, I get the error "clblas.jam: no such
file or directory".

Where does `b2` look for modules, and what do I need to do to be able to
define my own and make them visible to Boost.Build ?

The search path is $BOOST_BUILD_PATH + all the built in
Boost.Build directories.  A Jamfile can also import
relative to its own location.

Thanks ! I believe I'm still a bit confused about the exact semantics of the "using" and "import" directives.  So now I'm using
import clblas ;
using clblas ;
In a Jamfile, with a `clblas.jam` file in the same directory, which works fine. Now the next step: I want to define `clblas` similar to other third-party libraries, such that I can invoke `using clblas ...` with some appropriate paths from my `user-config.jam` file, to set the environment on the build machine. But AFAIU, `user-config.jam` is read in before any local (project-specific) Jamfiles are read. So where would I have to put the `clblas.jam` file for `user-config.jam` to find it ?



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