On 06/10/18 19:03, Steven Watanabe via Boost-build wrote:

On 06/08/2018 01:14 PM, Stefan Seefeld via Boost-build wrote:

Here are my two modules:

how should I modify clblas.jam to add opencl to its usage requirements ?

  The normal method is to list opencl as a source to clblas.

In the clblas.jam file I pointed to, where would I need to add it ? (There are no "sources" involved at all...)

This is a bit tricky as you want users to be able to configure
clblas only (and rely on autoconfiguration of opencl), or
configure both libraries explicitly (in any order).  I think
I'm going to have to revisit the library configuration mechanism
to handle this better.

That would be great indeed !
And finally, what would be the right place to put these modules, such
that users can see / use them ?
While I'm of course happy to contribute them to Boost.Build itself,
I'm not sure this is the right solution in general. There needs to be
a mechanism for users to write and publish their own modules, but I
couldn't quite figure out how.

  At the moment, adding such modules to Boost.Build is
the most reliable solution.  You could technically
put them anywhere as long as you set BOOST_BUILD_PATH
appropriately, but that requires an extra pre-build
configuration step.  I've considered ways to allow
user-config.jam to find project specific modules, but
I don't have any solution that isn't pretty hacky.

With my faber frontend that's easy and natural, as modules are handled by Python, so all I need to do is set the PYTHONPATH variable. I would expect something equivalent with bjam, i.e. a simple search path where bjam will look for extension modules.
(Also, as a side-note: the two modules above contain a lot of
boilerplate code. Is there a way to compact that, or even create
something like a module template that I could use and parametrize for
the specifics of a given library ?

  I've been meaning to create such a module template.
I think there are enough concrete uses to work out
a reasonable abstraction now.

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