Hi Build Experts,

I’m trying to update tools/build/src/tools/clang-vxworks.jam for newer version of the compiler.

Wind River’s compiler team have decided to use a completely unmodified compiler, so the cross-build linker configuration is more complex.


I would like to propagate the build configuration from the project.config or user.config file so the complete configuration can be supplied in a single file for each target board/processor targeted.


With something like this:


using clang-vxworks : : $(cxx) :












                    <linkflags-dll>$(linkflags-dll) ;


But some options on the “using” line appear to be regular “features” and some don’t appear to be defined anywhere  as a formal feature?  Where are these “special features” declared, and how is there behavior different from a regular “feature”?

Many Thanks,



Wind River