(Many thanks to Steven on answering my last question so quickly)


My next challenge is to remove the –ldl library from the list of libraries handed to the shared library linker a.k.a the link.dll action.

I’m trying to use MATCH for this with no success.



    local libraries = [ feature.get-values     <libraries>  : $(options) ] ;

    toolset.flags clang-vxworks.link     LIBRARIES    : $(libraries) ;


    # link shared libraries without libld.a

    for local e in $(libraries)


        local dll_libs = [ MATCH "-l(?!dl)\w+" : $(e) ] ;


    toolset.flags clang-vxworks.link.dll DLL_LIBS : $(dll_libs) ;



Could someone identify my issue? (perhaps something in the regex needs escaping?) or perhaps suggest a better method to accomplish the same thing?




Brian Kuhl

Wind River