Our toolchain developers have decided to link with “ld” instead of “gcc”

Propagating there cross-build gcc configuration to Boost jam environment is challenging.

there <linkflags> don’t have “–Wl,” prefix


I’m considering a couple of options, but when I experiment with <linker> option in init()


    # - linker tool other than default gcc++

    local linker = [ feature.get-values <linker> : $(options) ] ;

    if $(linker)


        toolset.flags gcc.link CONFIG_COMMAND $(condition) : $(linker[1]) ;



It’s prepending instead of replacing ..

ldppc -m elf64ppc --oformat=elf64-powerpc ccppc  -o  …..


How do I replace instead of prepend?

Do I need to define a “generator”




Brian Kuhl