Hi Builders,

Is there documentation on JAM_SEMAPHORE ?  I see examples; but google did not reveal any documentation.


I’m trying to find way to help the build team speed up our nightly builds?


I retained a semaphore on the link when I created clang-vxworks.jam


but I question if it is really required anymore?


I’d also like to serialize test execution

For VxWorks we telnet and execute the test on a remote target board using a “launcher”



For the simulated and smaller arm targets, we need to ensure only one telnet session is active, or the test target runs out of memory.

(We are cross-compiling on big servers, so the build can be many-threaded, but the target is an embedded target and may be quite resource constrained )



How can I add a semaphore on “run” and “run-fail” rules that only gets applied  to target-os=vxworks ?




Brian Kuhl

Wind River