On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 11:52 AM Mateusz Loskot via Boost-build <boost-build@lists.boost.org> wrote:

Is there any way to see path to compiler determined by b2
but *before* compilation starts i.e. in summary of the configuration
checks, next to `default address-model`, etc.?

I tried -d1 through -d4 and nothing is printed in the configuration checks
(-d5 and higher dump is enormous, less than useful for what I need).

I can run -d2 and wait until compilation, then I can see the full compiler
command line and deduce the location from there, of course.
Wouldn't it be helpful to show it in the configuration summary?

AFAIK using "--debug-configuration" option prints out the compiler paths for all the toolsets that get configured. Did you try that option?

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