Thanks for the pointers,
Not all the libraries build in arm64, (but the libs I need did build fine).
Just attaching the errors.

On Wed, Dec 4, 2019 at 12:51 AM Marc Sweetgall via Boost-build <> wrote:

You should be able to build msvc ARM64 with

architecture=arm address-model=64

so long as you’re using B2 4.0+.




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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Boost-build] compiling for msvc arm64


Hi all,

  I was intending to compile boost for msvc arm64.

  When I execute the following command,

b2 toolset=msvc architecture=arm64 address-model=64

  I get an error saying that arm64 is not an valid architecture. Can someone pls point me to the correct way to build arm64 with msvc v141?


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