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Subject: Re: [Boost-cmake] [PATCH] Use LIB_SUFFIX, allows installing 64bit libs into /usr/lib64.
From: troy d. straszheim (troy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-10-26 18:36:32

Sean Chittenden wrote:
>>> I had no idea LIB_SUFFIX was standard. Can you point me to some
>>> examples? Of course we'll prefer the most standard thing when it
>>> exists. For that matter, it would be great if cmake supported
>>> configure-style '--prefix' and friends.
>> Anything KDE-4 based supports this. kdelibs installs a set of macros
>> that just about any KDE4 package uses, and thus automatically supports.
> Assuming the KDE ship has sailed and it was a conscious decision to not
> use autoconf's variable naming convention (something that, IMO, should
> be revisited and standardized), which path will Boost follow?

Well, boost has never had this discussion (about what is best for
packagers/maintainers) as far as I know. IMV this has hurt boost's
adoption by linux distros tremendously.

So, now that boost-cmake is decoupled from the rest of boost, it is
largely up to contributors from this list.

> As a retired ports committer for FreeBSD, and having looked at various
> other packaging systems, using autoconf's environment variables would
> dramatically simplify various porting efforts for boost packages in the
> future. $0.02 -sc

I'll have to look at how KDE does things, I assume it is mostly via
-DCOMMAND_LINE=ARGUMENTS. Without having looked closely at KDE yet, I
suppose there's no reason we couldn't look to the environment for
default values of variables that aren't set on the command line. We'll
see. I'm open to suggestions, on this, but I'm more open to
implementations. :)


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