On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 11:34 AM, Jeremiah Willcock <jewillco@osl.iu.edu> wrote:
On Wed, 6 May 2009, Doug Gregor wrote:

I have created a CDash dashboard for Boost, kindly hosted by Kitware.
The dashboard is here:


The CMake build system on the Boost release branch is now configured
to build and test with CTest, then submit to this dashboard. If you
configure a Boost build tree with CMake, you can then build the
"Experimental" target to (e.g., via "make Experimental") to build+test
and submit those results to the dashboard.

This is a work in progress; we'll be working to make submission easier
(e.g., via CTest scripts), get more testing working, and make use of
some of the newer, cooler features of CDash that can help Boost... but
we could certainly use more help!

Is it possible to have the results broken down by library like the traditional Boost dashboard is?  That would make sorting through the results much easier.

The tests look like they're already grouped by a label that relates back to the boost library they derive from so implementing this would only be a matter of a different viewer.  I've filed a feature request for it here.  Feel free to add comments if you'd like.


Philip Lowman