2009/11/4 troy d. straszheim <troy@resophonic.com>
There is still a small issue, though, with a mpi.so library

That is not an error.  This is the python extension for MPI.  Python extensions are loaded by python, they don't start with 'lib'.   If you add the directory containing mpi.so to your PYTHONPATH and execute

 >>> import mpi

that file should be found and loaded.  mpi.so will pull in libboost_python.so and libboost_mpi.so, so you may need to add the lib dir to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH as well.

As such, the (Python extension) mpi.so library cannot be included in any RPM package, because it has no soname. Is there a CMake configuration option, so that that mpi.so library gets a proper soname?

Moreover, it could be a good idea to deliver it in a dedicated sub-directory, for instance /usr/lib[64]/python2.6 or /usr/lib[64]/python2.6/boost, because if left in /usr/lib[64], there is no hint as to what that library is aimed at.
Do you know whether there is a CMake configuration option for that as well?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards