2010/1/20 Luigi Calori <l.calori@cineca.it>
I' ve been thinking of using Boost since some time, but was uneasy with the building system, when found it was possible to use CMake with it, it was a big + sign on it.
I  was willing to use it, just would like to know the status of the project: is it a "fork" from official boost or a test for cmake build that will  eventually adopted? 
>From what I understand, upstream Boost will incorporate all the Boost-CMake required changes. Moreover, for information, that new way of building Boost (with CMake instead of with BJam) should be the official way for building Boost on Fedora distributions from now on: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/F13Boost141

Thanks to all the Boost-CMake for that great result!