Dear All,

first, some good news: the packaging of Boost for Fedora/RedHat with CMake has been officially approved ( and by the Fedora steering comity (FESCo) yesterday :)

1. Also, they would like some more information on how and when the Boost-CMake effort will be incorporated within upstream Boost. Would anyone know more about that?

2. A new bug has just been opened on the Boost.MPI (and Boost.Graph, depending on MPI as well) packaging part: I still foresee two non-blocking issues:
2.1. The ability of Boost.MPI (and Boost.Graph) to build with OpenMPI without manually hard-coding the path to OpenMPI (
2.2. The undefined symbols in the Boost.MPI Python module ( library:

Any comment, update, feedback would be welcome.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards