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Date: 2007-08-27 11:10:32

Author: asutton
Date: 2007-08-27 11:10:30 EDT (Mon, 27 Aug 2007)
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Deleted: sandbox/SOC/2007/graphs/README
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-= Notes =
-== Distances ==
-So there apparently, a lot of things that we can do with distance measures.
-A distance measure is some measure of distance between two vertices - whether
-it's based on edge weights, vertex weights, or just path length. Regardless,
-everything we do is either based on a DistanceMap or a DistanceMatrix.
-There are a couple of interesting call profiles for these measures. The first,
-provides a vertex measure based on a DistanceMap. Models of this type simply
-take the Graph and the DistanceMap and return a scalar value (maybe). There
-can be other parameters to help genericize the operation. For example:
- double mean_geodesic(g, dist);
-The second call profile is similar to that above except that it computes a
-measure over a distance matrix. For example, we might have:
- double graph_mean_geodesic(g, dist);
- double graph_closeness(g);
-These are actually kind of interesting since their operation varies a bit
-based on the type of graph. For example, for undirected graphs, the total
-number of possible edges is (n*(n-1)) / 2 so we'd average over that number. For
-directed graphs, it should be n^2.
-The third call profile takes a DistanceMatrix and computes a DistanceMap that
-provides a measure computed over each vertices in the matrix. For examples:
- void eccentricities(g, dist, out);
-Where dist is the matrix and out is the map. Essentially, these types of
-functions are used to compute and assign computations of rows of values. The
-idea with these types of functions is that its faster to run all-pairs shortest
-paths than to brute force run shortest paths for each vertex (which would generally
-be pretty slow).
-== Property Matrices ==
-A property matrix is like a property map except that it's value type is
-another property map. Also like exterior properties, it's a two component
-system. The first component is a two-way associative mapping between two
-descriptors and a property value. The second part is the abstracted map

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