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Date: 2007-11-29 17:51:55

Author: danieljames
Date: 2007-11-29 17:51:54 EST (Thu, 29 Nov 2007)
New Revision: 41481

We're missing a page for the root of the 'C++' section, so I just moved the
links for the sub-pages from the old 'more' page into one. Obviously needs more
work but it fills the hole for now.

Text files modified:
   trunk/more/index.htm | 18 ------------------
   1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

Modified: trunk/more/index.htm
--- trunk/more/index.htm (original)
+++ trunk/more/index.htm 2007-11-29 17:51:54 EST (Thu, 29 Nov 2007)
@@ -41,9 +41,6 @@
          <p>Header Policy.&nbsp; Headers are where a
             library contacts its users, so programming practices are particularly
- <p>Implementation Variations.&nbsp; Sometimes
- one size fits all, sometimes it doesn't.&nbsp; This page deals with the
- trade-offs.</p>
          <p>Library Reuse.&nbsp; Should Boost
             libraries use other boost libraries?&nbsp; What about the C++ Standard
             Library?&nbsp; It's another trade-off.</p>
@@ -77,8 +74,6 @@
          <p><b>How to request features</b> Ways
             to request new library features.</p>
- <p><b>C++ Committee Meetings</b> FAQ for
- Boost Members wishing to attend a standards committee meeting.</p>
          <p><b><a href="boost_soc_06_overview.html">An overview of Boost participation in
             Google Summer of Code&trade; 2006</a></b> A report of our first experience
             in this open source initiative.</p>
@@ -87,19 +82,6 @@
       <h2>Articles and Papers</h2>
- <p>Error and Exception Handling describes
- approaches to errors and exceptions by <a href="../people/dave_abrahams.htm">David
- Abrahams</a>.
- </p>
- <p>Counted Body Techniques by <a href="../people/kevlin_henney.htm">
- Kevlin Henney</a> is must reading for those interested in reference
- counting, a widely used object management idiom.&nbsp; Originally published in <a href="">
- Overload</a> magazine.</p>
- <p>Generic Programming Techniques by <a href="../people/dave_abrahams.htm">
- David Abrahams</a> and Jeremy Siek describe
- some of the techniques used in Boost libraries.</p>
- <p>Feature Model Diagrams in text and HTML
- describes how to represent feature model diagrams in text form.</p>
          <p>Portability Hints: Borland C++ 5.5.1 describes
             Borland C++ portability issues, with suggested workarounds.</p>
          <p>Portability Hints: Microsoft VC++ 6.0 SP4

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