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From: dgregor_at_[hidden]
Date: 2008-04-11 08:42:29

Author: dgregor
Date: 2008-04-11 08:42:29 EDT (Fri, 11 Apr 2008)
New Revision: 44173

Remove some older wording that is no longer needed
Text files modified:
   sandbox/committee/concepts/wording/wording.tex | 44 ++-------------------------------------
   1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 41 deletions(-)

Modified: sandbox/committee/concepts/wording/wording.tex
--- sandbox/committee/concepts/wording/wording.tex (original)
+++ sandbox/committee/concepts/wording/wording.tex 2008-04-11 08:42:29 EDT (Fri, 11 Apr 2008)
@@ -3968,44 +3968,6 @@
 \mbox{\tcode{x.f(parm1$'$, parm2$'$, ..., parm$N'$)}}.}
-\addedCC{The candidate set is determined based on the formulation of
- the \mbox{\techterm{expression-statement}} or \mbox{\tcode{return}}
- statement as follows:}
-\item \addedCC{if the statement is ill-formed, then}
- \begin{itemize}
- \item \addedCC{if the associated function has a default
- implementation, then the seed is the instantiation of
- the associated function after substituting the concept map
- arguments for the concept parameters, and the candidate set
- contains only the seed,}
- \item \addedCC{otherwise, definition of the candidate set fails}
- \end{itemize}
-\item \addedCC{otherwise, the statement is well-formed, and the
- candidate set is determined by the formulation of the
- \mbox{\tcode{E}}}
- \begin{itemize}
- \item \addedCC{if overload resolution (\mbox{\ref{over.match}}) for
- the \mbox{\tcode{E}} resolves to a
- call to a function, that function is the seed.
- The candidate set contains:}
- \begin{itemize}
- \item \addedCC{the template from which the seed was instantiated, if the
- seed is a function template specialization,}
- \item \addedCC{every function template that has the same name and is
- declared in the same namespace as the seed, and}
- \item \addedCC{every non-template function that is consistent with
- the seed (\mbox{\ref{temp.constrained.set}}).}
- \end{itemize}
- \item \addedCC{if overload resolution for the
- \mbox{\tcode{E}} resolves to a built-in operator
- (\mbox{\ref{over.built}}) then the candidate set contains that
- built-in operator.}
- \end{itemize}
 \addedCC{Each satisfied associated function (or function template)
   requirement has a corresponding associated function candidate
@@ -5455,9 +5417,9 @@
 concept map archetype with
 the concept map that satisfied the corresponding template
-\mbox{\enternote} Concept members that had resolved to members of the
-concept map archetype now refer to
-members of the corresponding concept maps. \mbox{\exitnote}}
+\mbox{\enternote} A concept member that had resolved to a member of a
+concept map archetype now refers to a
+member of the corresponding concept map. \mbox{\exitnote}}
 \addedConcepts{If a concept requirement appears (directly or indirectly)

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