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Date: 2008-07-12 09:30:18

Author: matus.chochlik
Date: 2008-07-12 09:30:17 EDT (Sat, 12 Jul 2008)
New Revision: 47353

[mirror 0.2.x]
- Documentation update
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Modified: sandbox/mirror/libs/mirror/doc/introduction.xml
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         Here are described some of the recurring situations where the facilities
- provided by <libraryname>Mirror</libraryname> could be helpful.
+ provided by <libraryname>Mirror</libraryname> are helpful.
 <section id="mirror.motivation.problem.typenames">
         <title>Problem - Querying typenames</title>
+ <para>
+ There are applications which need to get and then somehow process
+ the name of a given type. One example is a logging facility where
+ some of the messages may contain names of types. This is very helpful
+ for example if one wants to log something in a template function and wants
+ to distinguish between various instantiations in the logs. In this case
+ it is very useful if the type name that goes into the log is human-readable
+ and preferrably corresponding to the typename used in the source code.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ Another application might want to store its data in a format where the typenames
+ are included (for example as attributes of an XML element) to be able to do
+ additional checking when loading the data. In this case the type name must be unique
+ and usually also portable. In addition if the data files are user-editable,
+ the names of the types should be human-readable.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ Yet another example is a generic application that does some C++ source code generation.
+ In this case the typenames in the output need to correspond to C++ typenames.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ The obvious choice if one needs to find out what the name of a given type is is to
+ use the <code>typeid</code> operator and call the <code>name()</code> function
+ on the returned reference to <code>type_info</code>. There are however several
+ problems with is approach.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ The notoriously known issue of <code>type_info::name()</code> is that the string
+ returned by this function is implementaion-defined and compilers are free
+ to return anything from an empty string, through a mangled typename to a corretly
+ formatted typename and many of them enjoy this freedom to its full extent.
+ Thus the returned name is not guarenteed to be unique nor human readable or
+ easily understandable, nor is it portable.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ One possible solution is the standardisation of the result of <code>typeid(T).name()</code>
+ or introduction of a new member function to the <code>type_info</code> structure
+ for example <code>type_info::std_name()</code>,
+ that would return human-readable, unique, portable typenames preferrably corresponding
+ to the C++ typenames.
+ Obviously, until that happens we need to stick to another solution.
+ </para>
+ <para>
+ To complicate things even more, we might want to get the base name of the type
+ without the nested-name-specifier (<code>basic_string</code> vs.
+ <code>::std::basic_string</code>) and to get the nested-name-specifier
+ or even the individual names of the enclosing namespaces or classes
+ separatelly.
+ </para>
 <section id="mirror.motivation.problem.uniformmemattaccess">
         <title>Problem - Uniform access to member attributes of a class' instance</title>

Modified: sandbox/mirror/libs/mirror/doc/mirror.xml
--- sandbox/mirror/libs/mirror/doc/mirror.xml (original)
+++ sandbox/mirror/libs/mirror/doc/mirror.xml 2008-07-12 09:30:17 EDT (Sat, 12 Jul 2008)
@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@
         <xi:include href="introduction.xml"/>
+ <xi:include href="tutorial.xml"/>

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