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Subject: [Boost-commit] svn:boost r53477 - trunk/libs/spirit/doc
From: joel_at_[hidden]
Date: 2009-05-30 21:43:58

Author: djowel
Date: 2009-05-30 21:43:57 EDT (Sat, 30 May 2009)
New Revision: 53477

   trunk/libs/spirit/doc/structure.qbk (contents, props changed)
Text files modified:
   trunk/libs/spirit/doc/notes.qbk | 12 ++++++------
   trunk/libs/spirit/doc/spirit2.qbk | 3 ++-
   2 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

Modified: trunk/libs/spirit/doc/notes.qbk
--- trunk/libs/spirit/doc/notes.qbk (original)
+++ trunk/libs/spirit/doc/notes.qbk 2009-05-30 21:43:57 EDT (Sat, 30 May 2009)
@@ -8,17 +8,17 @@
 [section Notes]
-[section Portability]
+[/section Portability]
-[section Porting from Spirit 1.8.x]
+[/section Porting from Spirit 1.8.x]
 [section Style Guide]
 [include notes/style_guide.qbk]
-[section Techniques]
+[/section Techniques]

Modified: trunk/libs/spirit/doc/spirit2.qbk
--- trunk/libs/spirit/doc/spirit2.qbk (original)
+++ trunk/libs/spirit/doc/spirit2.qbk 2009-05-30 21:43:57 EDT (Sat, 30 May 2009)
@@ -136,12 +136,13 @@
 [include preface.qbk]
 [include what_s_new.qbk]
 [include introduction.qbk]
+[include structure.qbk]
 [include qi.qbk]
 [include karma.qbk]
 [include lex.qbk]
 [include faq.qbk]
 [include notes.qbk]
-[include rationale.qbk]
+[/include rationale.qbk]
 [include acknowledgments.qbk]
 [include references.qbk]

Added: trunk/libs/spirit/doc/structure.qbk
--- (empty file)
+++ trunk/libs/spirit/doc/structure.qbk 2009-05-30 21:43:57 EDT (Sat, 30 May 2009)
@@ -0,0 +1,114 @@
+[section Structure]
+[section Include]
+Spirit is a header file only library. There are no libraries to link to.
+This section documents the structure of the Spirit headers.
+Spirit contains five sub-libraries plus a 'support' module where common
+support classes are placed:
+* Classic
+* Qi
+* Karma
+* Lex
+* Phoenix
+* Support
+The top spirit directory is:
+ BOOST_ROOT/boost/spirit
+Currently, the directory contains:
+ [actor] [attribute] [core] [dynamic]
+ [debug] [error_handling][home] [include]
+ [iterator] [meta] [phoenix] [symbols]
+ [tree] [utility]
+These include some old v1.8 directories that are now depracated. These
+are: actor, attribute, core, dynamic, debug, error_handling, iterator,
+meta, phoenix, symbols, tree and utility. There is no guarantee that these
+directories will still be present in future versions of Spirit. We only
+keep them for backward compatibility. Please be warned.
+Each directory (except include and home) have a corresponding header file that
+contains forwarding includes of each relevant include files that the
+directory contains. For example, there exists a <boost/spirit/actor.hpp>
+header file.
+To distinguish between Spirit versions, you can inspect the version file:
+ <boost/spirit/version.hpp>
+using the preprocessor define
+It is a hex number where the first two digits determine the major version while
+the last two digits determine the minor version. For example:
+ #define SPIRIT_VERSION 0x2010 // version 2.1
+The include directory at:
+ BOOST_ROOT/boost/spirit/include
+is a special flat-structured directory that contains all the spirit headers.
+The accomodate the flat structure, the headers are prefixed with the sub-
+library name:
+* classic_
+* karma_
+* lex_
+* phoenix1_
+* phoenix_
+* qi_
+* support_
+For example, if you used to include <boost/spirit/actor.hpp>,
+which is now a deprecated header, you should instead include
+If you want to simply include the main sub-library name, then you can
+* <boost/spirit/include/classic.hpp>
+* <boost/spirit/include/karma.hpp>
+* <boost/spirit/include/lex.hpp>
+* <boost/spirit/include/phoenix1.hpp>
+* <boost/spirit/include/phoenix.hpp>
+* <boost/spirit/include/qi.hpp>
+* <boost/spirit/include/support.hpp>
+The home directory:
+ BOOST_ROOT/boost/spirit/home
+is the /real/ home of spirit. It is the place where the various sub-libraries
+actually exist. The home directory contains:
+ [classic] [karma] [lex]
+ [phoenix] [qi] [support]
+As usual, these directories have their corresponding include files:
+* <boost/spirit/home/classic.hpp>
+* <boost/spirit/home/karma.hpp>
+* <boost/spirit/home/lex.hpp>
+* <boost/spirit/home/phoenix.hpp>
+* <boost/spirit/home/qi.hpp>
+* <boost/spirit/home/support.hpp>
+The various sub-libraries include files can be found in each
+sub-directory containing the particular sub-library. The include
+structure of each sub-library are documented in each (sub)libraries'
+documentation. Each sub-library follows the same consistent scheme as
+To keep it simple for you, the client, you can simply use the main flat
+include directory where all include files are all placed together.
+[endsect] [/Include]
\ No newline at end of file

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