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Subject: [Boost-commit] svn:boost r55499 - trunk/tools/regression/xsl_reports
From: ghost_at_[hidden]
Date: 2009-08-10 06:27:55

Author: vladimir_prus
Date: 2009-08-10 06:27:54 EDT (Mon, 10 Aug 2009)
New Revision: 55499

Add some readme.

   trunk/tools/regression/xsl_reports/README.txt (contents, props changed)

Added: trunk/tools/regression/xsl_reports/README.txt
--- (empty file)
+++ trunk/tools/regression/xsl_reports/README.txt 2009-08-10 06:27:54 EDT (Mon, 10 Aug 2009)
@@ -0,0 +1,27 @@
+This folder keeps scripts the produce the Boost regression test tables.
+The entry point is the script. In the simplest
+case, it should be run as:
+ python
+ --locate-root=XXX
+ --results-dir=YYY
+ --tag trunk
+ --expected-results=XXX
+ --failures-markup=XXX
+The 'trunk' is the tag of things that are tested, and should match the
+directory name on the server keeping uploaded individual results.
+'results-dir' is a directory where individual results (zip files) will
+be downloaded, and then processed. expected-results and failures-markup
+should be paths to corresponding files in 'status' subdir of boost tree.
+locate-root should point at boost root, it's unclear if it of any use
+This will download and process *all* test results, but it will not
+upload them, so good for local testing. It's possible to run
+this command, interrupt it while it processes results, leave just
+a few .zip files in result dir, and then re-run with --dont-collect-logs
+option, to use downloaded zips only.

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