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Subject: [Boost-commit] svn:boost r78010 - trunk/libs/math/doc/sf_and_dist
From: pbristow_at_[hidden]
Date: 2012-04-16 11:16:11

Author: pbristow
Date: 2012-04-16 11:16:10 EDT (Mon, 16 Apr 2012)
New Revision: 78010

Updates for skew normal, non_num facets and roadmap
Text files modified:
   trunk/libs/math/doc/sf_and_dist/index.idx | 9 +++
   trunk/libs/math/doc/sf_and_dist/roadmap.qbk | 7 ++
   trunk/libs/math/doc/sf_and_dist/structure.qbk | 120 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
   3 files changed, 106 insertions(+), 30 deletions(-)

Modified: trunk/libs/math/doc/sf_and_dist/index.idx
--- trunk/libs/math/doc/sf_and_dist/index.idx (original)
+++ trunk/libs/math/doc/sf_and_dist/index.idx 2012-04-16 11:16:10 EDT (Mon, 16 Apr 2012)
@@ -1,6 +1,15 @@
+# Boost.Math Indexing terms file.
+# Copyright John Maddock 2009 - 2012
+# Copyright Paul A. Bristow 2009 - 2012
 "Lanczos approximation" lanczos
+closed form \<closed\w*\>
+expression \<express\w*\>
+constants \<constant\w*\>
 !scan-path boost/math .*\.hpp true
 !exclude policy precision apply evaluation polynomial name helper

Modified: trunk/libs/math/doc/sf_and_dist/roadmap.qbk
--- trunk/libs/math/doc/sf_and_dist/roadmap.qbk (original)
+++ trunk/libs/math/doc/sf_and_dist/roadmap.qbk 2012-04-16 11:16:10 EDT (Mon, 16 Apr 2012)
@@ -2,7 +2,12 @@
 [h4 Boost-1.50]
-* Fixed issue in `bessel_jy` which causes Y[sub 8.5](4[pi]) to yield a NaN.
+* Promoted math constants to be 1st class citizens,
+including convenient access to the most widely used
+built-in float, double, long double via three namespaces.
+* Added the Skew Normal distribution written by Benjamin Sobotta.
+* Corrected issue [@ #6627 nonfinite_num_put formatting of 0.0 is incorrect]
+based on a patch submitted by K R Walker.
 [h4 Boost-1.49]

Modified: trunk/libs/math/doc/sf_and_dist/structure.qbk
--- trunk/libs/math/doc/sf_and_dist/structure.qbk (original)
+++ trunk/libs/math/doc/sf_and_dist/structure.qbk 2012-04-16 11:16:10 EDT (Mon, 16 Apr 2012)
@@ -1,37 +1,93 @@
 [section:navigation Navigation]
-Used in combination with the configured browser key, the
-following keys act as handy shortcuts for common navigation tasks.
+[indexterm1 navigation]
-[h5 Shortcuts]
-[^[*p]] - Previous page
+Boost.Math documentation is provided in both HTML and PDF formats.
-[^[*n]] - Next page
+* [*Tutorials] are listed in the ['Table of Contents] and
+include many examples that should help you get started quickly.
+* [*Source code] of the many ['Examples] will often be your quickest starting point.
+* [*Index] (general) includes all entries.
+* [*Specific Indexes] list only functions, class signatures, macros and typedefs.
-[^[*h]] - home
+[h5 Using the Indexes]
-[^[*u]] - Up
+The main index will usually help,
+especially if you know a word describing what it does,
+without needing to know the exact name chosen for the function.
-The following table shows how to access these from common browsers:
+[tip When using the index, keep in mind that clicking on an index term
+only takes you to the [*section] containing the index entry.
+This section may be several pages long,
+so you may need to use the [*find] facility of your browser or PDF reader
+to get to the index term itself.]
-[[Browser][Access Method]]
-[[Internet Explorer]
- [Alt+Key highlights the link only, so for example to move to the next topic
- you would need "Alt+n" followed by "Enter".]]
-[[Firefox 2.0 and later][Alt+Shift+Key follows the link, so for example
- "Alt+Shift+n" will take you to the next topic.]]
-[[Opera][Press Shift+Esc followed by the access key.]]
-[[Konqueror][Press and release the Ctrl key, followed by the access key]]
+[tip A PDF reader usually allows a [*global] find; this can be really useful
+if the term you expect to be indexed is not the one chosen by the authors.
+You might find searching the PDF version and viewing the HTML version
+will locate an elusive item.]
+[endsect] [/section:navigation Navigation]
+[section:conventions Document Conventions]
+[indexterm1 conventions]
+This documentation aims to use of the following naming and formatting conventions.
+* C++ Code is in `fixed width font` and is syntax-highlighted in color, for example `double`.
+* Other code is in block [^teletype fixed-width font].
+* Replaceable text that [*you] will need to supply is in [~italics].
+* If a name refers to a free function, it is specified like this:
+ `free_function()`; that is, it is in [~code font] and its name is followed by `()`
+ to indicate that it is a free function.
+* If a name refers to a class template, it is specified like this:
+ `class_template<>`; that is, it is in code font and its name is followed by `<>`
+ to indicate that it is a class template.
+* If a name refers to a function-like macro, it is specified like this: `MACRO()`;
+ that is, it is uppercase in code font and its name is followed by `()` to
+ indicate that it is a function-like macro. Object-like macros appear without the
+ trailing `()`.
+* Names that refer to ['concepts] in the generic programming sense
+(like template parameter names) are specified in CamelCase.
+[endsect] [/section:conventions Document Conventions]
+[section:hints Other Hints and tips]
+* If you have a feature request,
+or if it appears that the implementation is in error,
+please search first in the [@ Boost Trac].
-Some browsers also make these links available in their site-navigation
-toolbars: in Opera for example you can use Ctrl plus the left and right
-arrow keys to move between "next" and "previous" topics.
+* [@ Trac] entries may indicate that
+updates or corrections that solve your problem are in
+[@ Boost-trunk]
+where changes are being assembled and tested ready for the next release.
+You may, at your own risk, download new versions from there.
+* If you do not understand why things work the way they do, see the ['rationale] section.
+* If you do not find your idea/feature/complaint,
+please reach the author preferably through the Boost
+development list, or email the author(s) direct.
+[h5 Admonishments]
+[note In addition, notes such as this one specify non-essential information that
+provides additional background or rationale.]
+[tip These blocks contain information that you may find helpful while coding.]
+[important These contain information that is imperative to understanding a concept.
+Failure to follow suggestions in these blocks will probably result in undesired behavior.
+Read all of these you find.]
+[warning Failure to heed this will lead to incorrect,
+and very likely undesired, results.]
+[endsect] [/section:hints Other Hints and tips]
 [section:directories Directory and File Structure]
@@ -44,7 +100,8 @@
    as the RealType (and short `typedef` names of distributions are
    reserved for this type where possible), a few will use `float` or
    `long double`, but it is also possible to use higher precision types
- like __NTL_RR that conform to the requirements specified by real_concept.]]
+ like __NTL_RR, __GMP, __MPFR
+that conform to the requirements specified by real_concept.]]
    [Templated definition of some highly accurate math
@@ -93,7 +150,7 @@
    (and vital) extra features.]]
+[endsect] [/section:directories Directory and File Structure]
 [section:namespaces Namespaces]
@@ -109,7 +166,7 @@
    student_t mydist(10);
-[note Some distribution names are also used in std random library,
+[warning Some distribution names are also used in std random library,
 so to avoid the risk of ambiguity it is better to make explicit using declarations,
 for example: `using boost::math::students_t_distribution`]
@@ -121,10 +178,15 @@
 __Policy and configuration information is in namespace `boost::math::policies`.
+[tip Many code snippets assume implicit namespace(s),
+for example, `std::` or `boost::math`.]
+[endsect] [/section:namespaces Namespaces]
 [/ structure.qbk
- Copyright 2006, 2010 John Maddock and Paul A. Bristow.
+ Copyright 2006, 2010, 2012 John Maddock and Paul A. Bristow.
   Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
   (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

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