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Subject: [Boost-commit] svn:boost r84880 - trunk/libs/asio/doc
From: chris_at_[hidden]
Date: 2013-06-22 09:02:21

Author: chris_kohlhoff
Date: 2013-06-22 09:02:21 EDT (Sat, 22 Jun 2013)
New Revision: 84880

Revision history.

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Modified: trunk/libs/asio/doc/history.qbk
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+++ trunk/libs/asio/doc/history.qbk 2013-06-22 09:02:21 EDT (Sat, 22 Jun 2013) (r84880)
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 [section:history Revision History]
+[heading Asio 1.10.0 / Boost 1.54]
+* Added new traits classes, `handler_type` and `async_result`, that allow the
+ customisation of the return type of an initiating function.
+* Added the `asio::spawn()` function, a high-level wrapper for running
+ stackful coroutines, based on the Boost.Coroutine library. The `spawn()`
+ function enables programs to implement asynchronous logic in a synchronous
+ manner. For example: `size_t n = my_socket.async_read_some(my_buffer, yield);`.
+ For further information, see [link boost_asio.overview.core.spawn Stackful
+ Coroutines].
+* Added the `asio::use_future` special value, which provides first-class
+ support for returning a C++11 `std::future` from an asynchronous
+ operation's initiating function. For example:
+ `future<size_t> = my_socket.async_read_some(my_buffer, asio::use_future);`.
+ For further information, see [link boost_asio.overview.cpp2011.futures C++
+ 2011 Support - Futures].
+* Promoted the stackless coroutine class and macros to be part of Asio's
+ documented interface, rather than part of the HTTP server 4 example.
+ For further information, see [link boost_asio.overview.core.coroutine
+ Stackless Coroutines].
+* Added a new handler hook called `asio_handler_is_continuation`.
+ Asynchronous operations may represent a continuation of the asynchronous
+ control flow associated with the current executing handler. The
+ `asio_handler_is_continuation` hook can be customised to return `true` if
+ this is the case, and Asio's implementation can use this knowledge to
+ optimise scheduling of the new handler. To cover common cases, Asio
+ customises the hook for strands, `spawn()` and composed asynchronous
+ operations.
+* Added four new generic protocol classes, `generic::datagram_protocol`,
+ `generic::raw_protocol`, `generic::seq_packet_protocol` and
+ `generic::stream_protocol`, which implement the `Protocol` type
+ requirements, but allow the user to specify the address family (e.g.
+ `AF_INET`) and protocol type (e.g. `IPPROTO_TCP`) at runtime.
+ For further information, see [link
+ boost_asio.overview.networking.other_protocols Support for Other Protocols].
+* Added C++11 move constructors that allow the conversion of a socket (or
+ acceptor) into a more generic type. For example, an `ip::tcp::socket` can
+ be converted into a `generic::stream_protocol::socket` via move
+ construction.
+ For further information, see [link
+ boost_asio.overview.networking.other_protocols Support for Other Protocols].
+* Extended the `basic_socket_acceptor<>`'s `accept()` and `async_accept()`
+ functions to allow a new connection to be accepted directly into a socket
+ of a more generic type. For example, an `ip::tcp::acceptor` can be used to
+ accept into a `generic::stream_protocol::socket` object.
+ For further information, see [link
+ boost_asio.overview.networking.other_protocols Support for Other Protocols].
+* Moved existing examples into a C++03-specific directory, and added a new
+ directory for C++11-specific examples. A limited subset of the C++03
+ examples have been converted to their C++11 equivalents.
+* Various SSL enhancements. Thanks go to Nick Jones, on whose work these changes
+ are based.
+ * Added support for SSL handshakes with re-use of data already read from
+ the wire. New overloads of the `ssl::stream<>` class's `handshake()` and
+ `async_handshake()` functions have been added. These accept a
+ `ConstBufferSequence` to be used as initial input to the ssl engine for
+ the handshake procedure.
+ * Added support for creation of TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 `ssl::context` objects.
+ * Added a `set_verify_depth()` function to the `ssl::context` and
+ `ssl::stream<>` classes.
+ * Added the ability to load SSL certificate and key data from memory
+ buffers. New functions, `add_certificate_authority()`,
+ `use_certificate()`, `use_certificate_chain()`, `use_private_key()`,
+ `use_rsa_private_key()` and `use_tmp_dh()`, have been added to the
+ `ssl::context` class.
+ * Changed `ssl::context` to automatically disable SSL compression by
+ default. To enable, use the new `ssl::context::clear_options()` function,
+ as in `my_context.clear_options(ssl::context::no_compression)`.
+* Fixed a potential deadlock in `signal_set` implementation.
+* Fixed an error in acceptor example in documentation [ticket 8421].
+* Fixed copy-paste errors in waitable timer documentation [ticket 8602].
+* Added assertions to satisfy some code analysis tools [ticket 7739].
+* Fixed a malformed `#warning` directive [ticket 7939].
+* Fixed a potential data race in the Linux `epoll` implementation.
+* Fixed a Windows-specific bug, where certain operations might generate an
+ `error_code` with an invalid (i.e. `NULL`) `error_category` [ticket 8613].
+* Fixed `basic_waitable_timer`'s underlying implementation so that it can
+ handle any `time_point` value without overflowing the intermediate duration
+ objects.
+* Fixed a problem with lost thread wakeups that can occur when making
+ concurrent calls to `run()` and `poll()` on the same `io_service` object
+ [ticket 8354].
+* Fixed implementation of asynchronous connect operation so that it can cope
+ with spurious readiness notifications from the reactor [ticket 7961].
+* Fixed a memory leak in the `ssl::rfc2818_verification` class.
+* Added a mechanism for disabling automatic Winsock initialisation [ticket
+ 3605]. See the header file [^boost/asio/detail/winsock_init.hpp] for details.
 [heading Asio 1.8.3 / Boost 1.53]
 * Fixed some 64-to-32-bit conversion warnings ([ticket 7459]).

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