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Subject: [Boost-commit] svn:boost r85598 - trunk/tools/quickbook/doc/boost-doc-tools
From: dnljms_at_[hidden]
Date: 2013-09-08 03:46:42

Author: danieljames
Date: 2013-09-08 03:46:42 EDT (Sun, 08 Sep 2013)
New Revision: 85598

Starting to document xsl parameters.

   trunk/tools/quickbook/doc/boost-doc-tools/parameters.qbk (contents, props changed)
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Modified: trunk/tools/quickbook/doc/boost-doc-tools/boost-doc-tools.qbk
--- trunk/tools/quickbook/doc/boost-doc-tools/boost-doc-tools.qbk Sun Sep 8 03:46:16 2013 (r85597)
+++ trunk/tools/quickbook/doc/boost-doc-tools/boost-doc-tools.qbk 2013-09-08 03:46:42 EDT (Sun, 08 Sep 2013) (r85598)
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 [include install.qbk]
 [include boost-build.qbk]
 [include pdfs.qbk]
+[include parameters.qbk]

Added: trunk/tools/quickbook/doc/boost-doc-tools/parameters.qbk
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+[chapter Boostbook and Docbook build parameters
+[id boost_doc_tools.parameters]
+[quickbook 1.6]
+[source-mode teletype]
+Back in the simple examples, you might remember how `boost.root` was passed
+to the Boost.Build script:
+ boostbook simple : simple.xml :
+ <xsl:param>boost.root=../../../../..
+ ;
+There are many such XSL parameters that can be used, for example to
+split the documentation into a file for each section:
+ boostbook simple : simple.xml :
+ <xsl:param>boost.root=../../../../..
+ <xsl:param>chunk.section.depth=99
+ ;
+In this case, `boost.root` is a parameter for the BoostBook XSL stylesheets,
+while `chunk.section.depth` is a parameter for the DocBook XSL stylesheets.
+There are far more DocBook XSL parameters than can be listed here, see the
+DocBook documentation] for a full list. This also isn't a complete list
+of BoostBook XSL parameters, if you wish to look into them in more detail,
+the best source of information is the XSL source code at
+[@boost:tools/boostbook/xsl/ `tools/boostbook/xsl/`].
+[heading:toc Table of Contents settings]
+[/TODO: Quick description of docbook parameters?]
+BoostBook adds an extra parameter, `boost.noexpand.chapter.toc`, to the DocBook
+parameters for generating the table of contents for a book. This adjusts a
+book's table of contents so they don't show the contents of chapters,
+regardless of the `toc.max.depth` parameter.
+This is mainly used in the Boost.Math documentation but could be useful in
+large books so that the top level table of contents aren't overwhelmed by
+the individual chapeter contents.
+[heading:mathjax MathJax parameters]
+BoostBook has experimental support for MathJax, an open source JavaScript
+script that is used to display mathematics in the browser. This is activated
+by setting the `boost.mathjax` parameter to 1, and the location can be set
+using `boost.mathjax.script`.

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