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Subject: [Boost-commit] svn:boost r86093 - branches/release/libs/asio/doc
From: chris_at_[hidden]
Date: 2013-09-30 18:40:13

Author: chris_kohlhoff
Date: 2013-09-30 18:40:13 EDT (Mon, 30 Sep 2013)
New Revision: 86093

Revision history.

Text files modified:
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Modified: branches/release/libs/asio/doc/history.qbk
--- branches/release/libs/asio/doc/history.qbk Mon Sep 30 18:37:40 2013 (r86092)
+++ branches/release/libs/asio/doc/history.qbk 2013-09-30 18:40:13 EDT (Mon, 30 Sep 2013) (r86093)
@@ -7,6 +7,61 @@
 [section:history Revision History]
+[heading Asio 1.10.1 / Boost 1.55]
+* Implemented a limited port to Windows Runtime. This support requires that the
+ language extensions be enabled. Due to the restricted facilities exposed by
+ the Windows Runtime API, the port also comes with the following caveats:
+ * The core facilities such as the `io_service`, `strand`, buffers, composed
+ operations, timers, etc., should all work as normal.
+ * For sockets, only client-side TCP is supported.
+ * Explicit binding of a client-side TCP socket is not supported.
+ * The `cancel()` function is not supported for sockets. Asynchronous
+ operations may only be cancelled by closing the socket.
+ * Operations that use `null_buffers` are not supported.
+ * Only `tcp::no_delay` and `socket_base::keep_alive` options are supported.
+ * Resolvers do not support service names, only numbers. I.e. you must
+ use "80" rather than "http".
+ * Most resolver query flags have no effect.
+* Fixed a regression (introduced in Boost 1.54) where, on some platforms, errors
+ from `async_connect` were not correctly propagated through to the completion
+ handler ([ticket 8795]).
+* Fixed a Windows-specific regression (introduced in Boost 1.54) that occurs
+ when multiple threads are running an `io_service`. When the bug occurs, the
+ result of an asynchronous operation (error and bytes tranferred) is
+ incorrectly discarded and zero values used instead. For TCP sockets this
+ results in spurious end-of-file notifications ([ticket 8933]).
+* Fixed a bug in handler tracking, where it was not correctly printing out some
+ handler IDs ([ticket 8808]).
+* Fixed the comparison used to test for successful synchronous accept
+ operations so that it works correctly with unsigned socket descriptors
+ ([ticket 8752]).
+* Ensured the signal number is correctly passed to the completion handler when
+ starting an `async_wait` on a signal that is already raised ([ticket 8738]).
+* Suppressed a g++ 4.8+ warning about unused typedefs ([ticket 8980]).
+* Enabled the move optimisation for handlers that use the default invocation
+ hook ([ticket 8624]).
+* Clarified that programs must not issue overlapping `async_write_at`
+ operations ([ticket 8669]).
+* Changed the Windows `HANDLE` backend to treat `ERROR_MORE_DATA` as a
+ non-fatal error when returned by `GetOverlappedResult` for a synchronous
+ read ([ticket 8722]).
+* Visual C++ language extensions use `generic` as a keyword. Added a
+ workaround that renames the namespace to `cpp_generic` when those language
+ extensions are in effect.
+* Fixed some asynchronous operations that missed out on getting `async_result`
+ support in Boost 1.54. In particular, the buffered stream templates have been
+ updated so that they adhere to current handler patterns ([ticket 9000],
+ [ticket 9001]).
+* Enabled move support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 ([ticket 8959]).
+* Added `use_future` support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.
+* Removed a use of `std::min` in the Windows IOCP backend to avoid a
+ dependency on the `<algorithm>` header ([ticket 8758]).
+* Eliminated some unnecessary handler copies.
+* Fixed various minor and cosmetic issues in code and documentation
+ (including [ticket 8347], [ticket 8950], [ticket 8953], [ticket 8965],
+ [ticket 8997]).
 [heading Asio 1.10.0 / Boost 1.54]
 * Added new traits classes, `handler_type` and `async_result`, that allow the

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