[Boost-docs] [IBD] New community building tool - IBD IRC channel

Subject: [Boost-docs] [IBD] New community building tool - IBD IRC channel
From: Matias Capeletto (matias.capeletto_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-07-28 15:44:38

Hi Boost-docers :)

We have add a new resource to IBD, an IRC channel:


IBDers hang out in this channel almost all day. It has an informal and
very enjoyable ambient. If something interesting is discussed there,
it is edited and posted in the boost-docs list or our community blog.
The channel name is #ibd and is being hosted in irc.oftc.net. If you
have an IRC capable browser (i.e. Opera or Firefox+Chatzilla add on)
you can directly use the IRC url:


We are waiting you there!
King regards
The IBD crowd

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