[Boost-docs] [Quickbook] Templates and Namespaces

Subject: [Boost-docs] [Quickbook] Templates and Namespaces
From: Matias Capeletto (matias.capeletto_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-01 13:16:36


In yesterday course we reach to the conclusion that once Quickbook
gets in the wild a lot of templates libraries will start to pop up.
You can have a mythological beasts template library to help writing
stories, a recipes template library... you get the idea.

This templates libraries will reuse code from others libraries, in the
same way we do in C++. They will use the std template library and
maybe others.

We will have big libraries that will be better maintained in separated
qbk source files, to allow you to only include the needed parts.

A lot of name clashing is going to appear.

So... we need namespaces :)
Rene told me to look for a thread were you have discussed about
namespaces before I know that Quickbook exists.

Here it is:


Reading that, it is not clear to me that this will solve all the above
Why we can not use a C++ style namespaces of templates?


[namespace math]

   [template formula ....]



[math::formula ... ]


[using math]
[formula ...]

What do you think?

Best regards

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