Re: [Boost-docs] Quickbook - Spacing between text and code blocks

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] Quickbook - Spacing between text and code blocks
From: Paul A Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-17 08:58:10


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>Andrew Sutton wrote:
>>> It doesn't bother me much, but...
>>> the problem is that we have (ab)used the code import feature to
>>> interweave
>>> lot's of text and code, rather than having one big code block.
>>> Personally I
>>> think it's a lot easier to understand the way we've done it, but I
>>> guess we
>>> would almost need two kinds of blocks to achieve what you
>want: big
>>> blocks
>>> with a border around them, and small blocks with no extra space
>>> around them.
>>> But that complicates things :-(
>> I have to admit that the extra spacing is bothering me a little bit
>> too. There are times when it just doesn't look that good to have a
>> full half-inch separating code and text that describes what's going
>> on. I don't know if two code block types are necessary, but I would
>> be happy with consistent (relatively small 1/4 inch?
>smaller?) space
>> between the code and text. And tables and text. And pre-formatted
>> text and text. And headings and text. And headings and code/
>> preformatted text/tables :)
>Let's fix it. Could anyone point me to a page that exhibits the

This is an opinion about ALL documents.

But as an example, I've printed out the 1st page on the example Estimating samnples sizes for the negative binomial. (Print so I
can put a ruler to it more easily than on the screen ;-)

First I observe that the boxes don't print - but that's fine.

The line spacing seems to be 4 mm, but a blank line is 4 mm, but a 5 mm blank line before a code block box (is this for line?)
between the lines of text and the (mostly single line on this page) code blocks.

So it looks very 'double spaced' having more than an ordinary blank line before and after the code line.

What I am suggesting is that we only need as little as half this blank spacing both within and without the code blacks. But
certainly we don't need *more* than a standard blank line 4 mm spacing.

However this is not a big issue and I wouldn't want to waste time on it if difficult.


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