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Date: 2007-08-25 15:49:14

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I've just seen John Maddock using Joel de Guzman & Eric Niebler's Quickbook 1.4 new import feature, and I've even taken it for a
test drive myself to revise some Math Toolkit docs examples.

IMO it's *really, really* impressive and promises to be a fine way to produce much better documentation which sync with the source
code that doesn't contain annoying discrepancies, fail to compiles etc.

Much of the explanatory text can be placed in the .*pp file, so you can see the comments whether you are looking at the source or
the docs.

It takes a little getting used to, but once you are using Quickbook, only a small step up is required to produce some really smart

The syntax colouring is also a major help with code readability IMO.

I understand it is also possible to add Doxygen, a good tool for creating reference documentation, but which never seem to deliver
the goods for helpful tutorial-ish stuff.

So I highly commend it to anyone who is writing or re-writing C++ docs (or indeed books from pdf). (You need the very latest
quickbook.exe version - and there may yet be wrinkles with this bleeding-edge stuff of course, but my 1st try was a good experience
- even before I read the manual!).


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