Re: [Boost-docs] Pop-up comment callouts?

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] Pop-up comment callouts?
From: Daniel James (daniel_james_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-11-05 20:31:57

David Abrahams wrote:

> At minimum it could just cover the code (preferably above the line of
> the callout). If you need to see the callouts along with all the
> code, you can scroll down.

I don't think it's possible with the current html - and probably not
even if the html is rearranged.

The problem would be writing a selector which matches the callout icon
to the text. On the boost consulting site the popup menu can be
displayed because the <ul> that contains the popup menu is contained
within the <li> that the mouse is hovering over (if you look at the
source code, the menu is made up of lists within lists). As well as
descendants, CSS selectors can select siblings that follow an element -
you can only move to an element's children or later siblings (and not
all browsers support sibling selectors), not to it's parents or earlier
siblings. And it's the final element in the selector that attributes are
applied to.

But that callout text is a sibling of the div that contains the callout
icon - it's the icon's grandparent's sibling (great uncle?), which can't
be linked to it using a CSS selector.


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