Re: [Boost-docs] Thread documentation

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] Thread documentation
From: Joel de Guzman (joel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-11-13 22:08:31

John Maddock wrote:
> Anthony Williams wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Having recently updated the boost thread library, I need to update the
>> documentation. Currently, it's all in boostbook, but I think I'd
>> rather edit it in QuickBook. In either case, I need to know how to
>> build the docs.
>> Is there a "getting started" guide that can help me learn how to
>> build the docs on Windows (or Linux, though I tend to run that less
>> often), and how to convert them to quickbook?
> There's a stylesheet that allows Boostbook generated HTML to be viewed as
> quickbook source, see
>, so
> it's then just a cut and paste job to convert the Boostbook to quickbook
> (which IMO is a whole lot easier to edit and maintain).
> As for setup, then see
> which should be enough to get you producing html docs. The "avoiding
> quickbook rebuilds" part is highly recomended, but somewhat out of date: do
> a "bjam release stage" in tools/quickbook and then point bjam's
> user-config.jam to the exe in boost-root/dist/bin/.
> PDF generation is a whole other ball game unfortunately :-( Shout if you
> need help setting up for that. See also for example
> libs/regex/doc/Jamfile.v2 for examples of some of the xslt-options you may
> be interested in.

Hey, this should be in the quickbook docs. Ok if I add it?


Joel de Guzman

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