Subject: [Boost-docs] XML_CATALOG_FILES
From: Jared McIntyre (jmcintyre_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-03-21 02:58:09

I'm trying to get some docs up to snuff for a presentation at
BoostCon, and I'm having problems getting the documentation building
in 1.35 rc1. These aren't my docs, and I'm not very experienced with
quickbook, etc, so I've never personally built these docs before. I
don't know if this is just an issue with my configuration, the files,
or an actual issue with 1.35. I'm building the docs in the explore
sandbox project:


This is the error I'm receiving:

MkDir1 ../bin.v2
MkDir1 ../bin.v2/doc
MkDir1 ../bin.v2/doc/darwin
MkDir1 ../bin.v2/doc/darwin/debug
quickbook.quickbook-to-boostbook ../bin.v2/doc/darwin/debug/explore.xml
Generating Output File: ../bin.v2/doc/darwin/debug/explore.xml
xslt-xsltproc ../bin.v2/doc/darwin/debug/explore.docbook
warning: failed to load external entity "toc,title"
cannot parse toc,title

  "xsltproc" --stringparam boost.libraries
"../../../../libs/libraries.htm" --stringparam boost.root
"../../../.." --stringparam chapter.autolabel "0" --stringparam
chunk.first.sections "1" --stringparam chunk.section.depth "8"
--stringparam generate.section.toc.level "1" --stringparam
generate.toc ""chapter toc,title section toc,title"" --stringparam
navig.graphics.path "../../../../doc/html/images/ " --stringparam
toc.max.depth "1" --stringparam toc.section.depth "2" --xinclude -o

...failed xslt-xsltproc ../bin.v2/doc/darwin/debug/explore.docbook...
...skipped <phtml>standalone_HTML.manifest for lack of
...failed updating 1 target...
...skipped 1 target...
...updated 6 targets...

Thanks for the help,


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