[Boost-docs] total newbie - getting started with quickbook

Subject: [Boost-docs] total newbie - getting started with quickbook
From: e r (erwann.rogard_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-08-03 01:23:04


Could someone please help me getting started?

--- Things I did
a) sudo apt-get install xsltproc docbook-xsl docbook-xml
b) updated user-config.jam file as required
c) installed SciTE

--- Things I'm unsure about:

1) don't understand this part in the section about SciTE:
You can use the following settings (qbk = *.qbk etc) to highlight
quickbook tags when editing quickbook files.

where should these settings be set? SciTE?!

2) Suppose i have a .qbk file. Where do I go from here?


PS: for future ref, should message be in boost.doc or boost.user

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