[Boost-docs] Korean Localization of the Boost

Subject: [Boost-docs] Korean Localization of the Boost
From: Kwak Yong-Jae (kwak101_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-02-14 14:48:05

I am interested in translating the Boost site into Korean.

I think that the Boost site is the superb, essential resource for modern C++
In Korea, not a few Korean developers are being benefited so much by the
documents and
libraries of the Boost. If the Korean localized version is provided, more
and more developers
would be pleased to be benefited... ^^ That is one and only reason why I
feel like translating
the Boost site(I did, do, will do have no commercial intention...).

I know that the Japanese version is already provided in Japan. My plan is
similar to that : to
provide the Korean version. I have the site http://boost.or.kr for it. If
there is no deadline,
I will work steadily to make the site, and I will maintain it
permanently(possibly, of course)
with my colleagues with the same motivation.

If it is possible to work the Boost site in this manner, what I want to know
is as follows:

1. which one is available, or which one is not?: For example, I think that
localized version don't
    have to provide some announcement of events, and cannot process the
library reviews.

2. Somewhat legal or authenticating process for the localization is needed?
If it is, I will be gra-
    teful if you make me know it...

3. Is there any (prevailing or universally-used) automated tool for
formatting the API specification
    or documentation in the Boost? If there are proprietary tools only for
the Boost, can I get any help
    about those tools?

I wait for affirmative answers..

Best regards,

ps: A few days ago, I already have read about chinese version in this
mailing list.^^;

Kwak Yong Jae, Ph.D.,
Search System Lab., NHN Corp., Gyeong-Gi-Do, Republic of Korea.
e-mail:        kwak101_at_[hidden]
official site: http://www.kwak101.pe.kr/main/main.html (only in Korean)
wiki:            http://www.kwak101.pe.kr/wiki (only in Korean)
blog:           http://www.kwak101.pe.kr/blog (only in Korean)

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